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Aug 24, 2005
Nassau 34 Olcott, NY
I lied about owning a Hunter - I have a cutter called a Nassau 34 that no one has ever heard of. At any rate, Hunters are OK in my book. what I really need is information on the harbor at Olcot. I am relocating from L Mich to L. Ont. Wilson or Olcot is my choice at this time. Olcot obviously has problems in a northerly. How bad is the surge at the municiple marina in these conditions? I would appreciate any help I could get.

Moe Horenfeldt

Olcott V.S. Wilson N.Y.

Olcott is a "nice" town. It reminds me of a Crystal Beach in decline. Their is no diesel sold at the marinas, and it is used mainly by fisherman, but I have never been bothered by any Northerlies while in the marinas. There are a couple of good restaurants, but "shopping" for provisions is a dstance away. Wilson, just a few miles aweay, however, is a bustling little hamlet with at least 4 clubs, at least 2 facilities for diesel, a full service marina, etc. and certainly has my vote.
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