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Oil Pan Replacement

Jan 10, 2015
Catalina 310 Forked River
We have a 2005 Catalina 310 and the transmission damper needs to be replaced. Our mechanics said the oil pan should really be replaced in a year or two. I've read some helpful posts about checking the raw water pump as a source of oil pan corrosion. How many of you have had to replace your oil pans and how long did the original oil pans last? Thank you!
Feb 21, 2013
Hunter 46 Point Richmond, CA


Jul 29, 2018
O'Day 35 Buzzards Bay
What engine do you have? I have a Universal M25 with the original oil pan (34 years old) that is in fine shape. There was some rust from a leaking Sherwood raw water pump - this is almost always why the oil pan rusts, keep an eye on the pump (especially when the engine is running). I jacked up the engine cleaned the rust, used rust converter and repainted it. I'm sure the the pan will last as long as the engine does - the metal is very thick. Here's a picture of a typically rusted pan (worse than mine) - this pan could be easily restored. Unless your pan is really bad, no need to replace it just touch up the rust.
Oct 22, 2014
CAL 35 Cruiser moored EVERETT WA
I think my oil Pan is original to the 1973 Perkins motor. It is so far deep in the bilge the way I know it is still there is that the dip stick shows oil on the end when I pull it out to check.