Offshore rules require PFD with crotch straps and tether ring. Looking for foam filled pfd.

Jun 25, 2004
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Ocean Racing SIs around here require crotch straps and an attachment point for a tether. I’d like to find a foam-filled pfd with an integrated attachment point. I don’t personally think a crotch strap is necessary for a foam filled pfd, but I can easily add them to meet the requirements.

Does anybody know where to find such pfd? I haven’t been able to find one with a tether ring.

I own an inflatable that meets the requirements, but I’d prefer a pfd that doesn’t rely on auto or manual inflation. I want foam.

Judy B
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Nov 8, 2010
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Amen. I will not put on my DeckVest without its crotch strap....a big step up from the Gen1 thigh straps that were a PITA.

We have several people at WYC who think the same way as you... Most are looking in the SAR vests, like this one. Integrated harness for HELO lifting.

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Oct 22, 2014
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Perhaps this is a product that could meet your needs. It appears to be made by Mustang, and I looked on their site but could not find it.


High Impact SAR Vest
PFD 13d
  • 100 mph dynamic strength-tested construction
  • Neoprene-lined fitted collar
  • Fast-tab radio/light clip
  • Sizes XS/S, M/L, Xl/XXL
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Jun 19, 2013
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Good thread, The trend in Traverse is for more people actively wearing life jackets, even on the big boats, but especially on the melges. In addition moving to passive bouyancy type jackets versus inflatables. My opinion is that the shock of an experienced sailor, Jon Santarelli drowning for failure to inflate has changed the trends, and the second part of my opinion is that it is for the better.