O’Day 40 owners out there?

Aug 7, 2015
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Thinking about selling my O‘34 and moving up to an ‘89 O’40 shoal draft. I’m looking for some wisdom here as I used to sail on a Jeanneau Sun Fizz fin keel & it was a nice boat but I understand there were some slight changes in both structure & layout between the two models. One example is the the rear berth. How well do your boats point w/shoal draft. Happy with the Westerbeke? Any hull flexing in rough seas? Any real problem areas?

Your comments greatly appreciated!
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Mar 24, 2012
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Hi Louis,
Ours is an '86 fin keel so I can't help with the pointing.
The aft berth is a big improvement on the 2 skinny 1/4 berths it replaces. An added bonus is the better galley space.
One mistake they made is the re positioning of the hull portlights put them into cored hull. Watch for soggy core below them.
I replaced ours with NFM stainless and they are a big improvement.
No flexing in rough seas but make sure the hull portlights are dogged!
Ours is hull 133. They went to a taller mast/shorter boom at #135.
I put an Engel freezer into the knee space below the chart table and use the built in fridge as a fridge only.
One of the better boats for sailing/living as it has decent performance and good interior.
Check the water tanks as the baffles were both cracked in ours. Seems to be a common problem in this style of tank across brands.
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Jan 13, 2010
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I agree with the comments of nramsey. I have the shallow draft tall rig hull 177. My boat is a bit tender to weather but does very well once you learn to reef and keep her flat. Ive never sailed the deeper draft and have always been curious about it. Mine will not point with any racers but does fine and is extremely fast offwind especially in a breeze. The flat bottom helps her surf. I have sailed mine back and forth from the ne to south florida and Bahamas every year since 2000 when I bought her. Almost always outside, rarely use ICW, often singlehanded and she does well.
Like nramsey stated, the hull portlights were not done properly and must be done but its not too big a deal. I put lewmar portlights in replace of the stock ones and have been fine. Westerbeke is original and runs strong.
The aft cabin is very large, Im 6'3" and fit fine with my gf. Also headroom in salon and galley 6'4"+
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