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North South Chartering

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Lee Beery

Regarding John North's complaint with chartering company North South. I arrived BVI 2 days prior to charter date with N/S and used that time to investigate JN's complaint. The true story involves two charter companies and a dive service. In my view, JN got off easy having to pay only $500. We had a great charter with N/S, found the boat to be as represented and their people were very helpful. Maybe it's the difference between a real sailor and a novice sailor.

Mark Johnson

Lee...what makes you think John is a novice?

I just reread his original post, and I didn't get the impression he was new to sailing. Mark Johnson

Phil Herring

Dethroned Admin
Mar 25, 1997
Hunter 450 Bainbridge Island

There were two pro-NS posts and one neutral one on this subject from: - Lee Beery of SF - Jay Beery of Indy Coindicence? Family reunion? Or perhaps...???

Lee Beery

Novice Poor Choice of Words

O.K. Mark, "novice" was probably a poor choice but anyone that lose three anchors and foul the prop in the process, tearing out a transmission, I don't think would qualify as an experienced sailor. I've said about all I'm going to say on the subject. If I was to tell the complete story, it would take about two pages. Also, to satisfy some curiosity, the other person who wrote on this subject is my son. We have no connection whatsoever with North South Chartering. I have chartered from another major company in BVI in the past and I still feel that North South is the company that I would use again.

Jay Beery

NorthSouth Charters-attn Phil & Mark

I feel I should correct my dad on one point, the guy only lost "two" anchors in the same spot. In my earlier review I was not trying to drag someone through the mud, just to offer a very different opinion. As I stated earlier, North South takes great care of their boats, but all boats take a certain amount of common sense. If you snag an anchor, attach a fender or float a few feet above sea level so that it can be found easily by a diver, just don't throw the bitter end over. If you pick up a vibration while under power, STOP! Check engine in neutral. No vibration? Check prop and shaft. Anyone disagree? Pretty much common sense. We have all had our moments and pulled the "Boner" of the year. Maybe this guy had too much input from the "Admiral". Or was just having a day from Hell. I don't know. But I feel it is very unfair to blast a company that does so much for so little money. Thanks to all, and I hope I didn't hurt any feelings. Jay Beery
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