New sails for 1972 Widgeon?

Sep 23, 2020
O'Day Widgeon local lakes
Last September I bought a 1972 Widgeon that is in pretty decent shape. The previous owner had apparently done a fair amount of work on it, including new hull paint, and I've put in a handful of weekends myself during the off season. I had a lot of fun sailing it with my two teenage boys last fall before the frost set in, and am looking forward to a good sailing season this year (I got out once in April when we had a warm sunny weekend, but since then it's been pretty cool and rainy).

Anyway, my wife is asking me what she can get me for a birthday/father's day present this year, and new sails spring to mind. I think the sails I've got are the originals (at least they look that way to me, the main has a "Made for O'day by Neil Pryde Ltd" logo patch, but the jib's logo patch is long gone). They are pretty saggy and baggy, and stained in places, and there is one very small hole (which I'm sure could be patched).

So, I'm looking for suggestions. I've seen four online offers for new Widgeon sails, with about $100 price difference between them. They all indicate 3.9 oz Challenge Sailcloth (except for DR Marine, which provides no info).

SailStore $537
DR Marine $550
O’DayOwners $628
Supersailmakers $642

Does anyone have any recommendations on the above (or other ideas)? Are they all comparable? Thanks for any suggestions or advice you all can provide.

Feb 21, 2013
Hunter 46 Point Richmond, CA
You probably will not go wrong with any of these. However, before you purchase from DR Marine confirm the cloth and weight.
Jun 2, 2004
Oday Day Sailer Wareham, MA
D&R Marine sells what would be the "OEM" Neil-Pryde sails. I would suggest going to a local sailmaker to get a quote, prices will vary (as I found when I shopped for sails for my old Widgeon back in 1991) But then you can get all questions answered, price may be higher than the mail-order choices, but should include a bit more "service".
The big question will be if any local guy will treat this as a "stock" sail, and not a "Custom" order, I was lucky to have a local sail loft (well, not too far away!) that made my Mainsail as a stock order, and delivered in less than a week (September boat show order), other lofts would only quote as a custom job, at a much higher price (I think I paid around $295 for the Main, was quoted over $400 by another loft!) Oh, and even if your Jib still looked good (sound like it doesn't?) Replace both sails at the same time on a small boat like the Widgeon, I figured that I didn't need to replace the jib at that time, only to find that my new main could "out-point" the jib clearly! I looked into replacing the jib soon after, price had gone up!