New owner of 'Shamanita' Y25 (SF Bay)

Feb 15, 2005
- - San Francisco, CA
Hi all,

Very excited to have recently acquired 'Shamanita' - looks very clean but the Yanmar flooded out. I am converting to electric (84lb 24v troller now, switching to thunderstruck later), which it seems ideally suited to. I have a few question!

Any concerns w trailering a 78 25'? I have a very flexible 2-axle trailer but I know the Y25s hull - while well-laid, are fairly thin and I don't know for sure I can line up w bulkheads. Trailer is 3 pads/side. I know I will need a long extension or strap-launch for the keel

I'd like to rig the mast to tabernacle, and have most of the gear (S-hooks, etc) - but she's set to pivot backwards and I prefer forwards, operating from safety of the cockpit. I'll add bridle at cap shrouds, flexi-furler, etc) Anyone done this? I don't think the insert is symmetrical enough to just reverse it at the base, so I guess custom work..

She needs a haulout - anything specific I should look at other than, thru-hulls, propshaft, prop, zincs, cutlass bearing, rudder, strut? Blistering seems to be a non-issue? I think it's been a while since hauled, so I will prob replace cutlass.

I've got a PDF of the manual. What other resources (besides FB,, etc)?

I'm seeing odd degradation of the anti-skid/gelcoat. It seems to be wearing down in the valleys vs peaks. I guess that makes sense if they sprayed a very thin gelcoat. Is this a know issue? What's the best way to address - I don't see any practical way to re-gel it?

Thanks for any tips!

Feb 21, 2013
Hunter 46 Point Richmond, CA
Trailering a Y25 - The attached thread discusses trailering this sailboat: Yamaha 25

Mast rigging - I would talk to a rigger in SF Bay such as Easom Rigging in Brickyard Cove Marina, where I am, or Rogue Rigging in the Berkeley Marina.

Haul Out - suggest getting an out of the water survey to verify what specific maintenance needs to be performed. I can the surveyor I used on my sailboat in the SF Bay if you wish.

Gelcoat - suggest speaking to a boat gelcoat guy. If you trailer the boat there is a really good gelcoat guy in Vacaville I can refer you otherwise contact a marine gelcoat specialist in the SF Bay.
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Jan 4, 2008
Yamaha Y25 mkII Long Beach, Ca.
Welcome aboard the Yamaha Forum.
this is the only active forum I have found for the Y25. We have covered a lot of ground over the years.

Haul Out: inform the lift operator of the prop shaft exiting the keel, they will have to sling between prop and skeg rudder.
Blisters seem to be primarily small goose pimple size on my Boat.
MOST IMPORTANT - hull oil canning allowing keel movement. Furdui in Austrailia did a post on the fix a while back. It is a internal replacement of the stringers below the sole. BIG JOB. I just did mine with G20 glass.figure I'll get another 15 years out of the boat now.
Deck: Painted mine with 2 part polyurethane.... so far- so good.
Trailering : Y25 wasn't intended to be trailered. Check out the cradle design in the back of manual for a starting point.
I'm a big fan of my Y25. It's a lot of boat for its size and suits all my needs. If your comfortable thinking out of the box the boat should be a good fit.
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Feb 15, 2005
- - San Francisco, CA
Great info - thank you both! It's rare to get all your questions answered in multi-page threads let alone 2 posts -- may be a record!
I'm delighted with the boat. Just finished getting the interior wiring re-done (diesel -- also known as negative ground - was removed) and really enjoying the spacious layout (and I'm coming from a Hunter 30..and 6'4")
I think my trailer can work for winter storage, but not..after seeing a pic..driving around the state for the reasons mentioned.

@Syntonos - thx for the info on hull oilcanning. I understand it's a big job, but similar to what I've tackled before. Hate to cut the floor up. Was this ever addressed from factory? Do all Y25 hulls have it? You don't happen to have patterns for those scantlings do you?Seems like trailering could make this much worse!

Jan 4, 2008
Yamaha Y25 mkII Long Beach, Ca.
I Do have the patterns of my boat. I strongly suggest copying your own as they are not symmetrical. I too regretted cutting the floor....obviously it had to be done. I did the floor removal and pattern work / pre-fabrication in the water prior to haul out. Cutting the G20 was a chore done at my work shop. I don't believe Yamaha intended them to be structural. They seem to be more for positioning of the cutlass and support bearings for the long prop shaft. My boat had some grounding history which may have contributed to the keel movement.
I find your comments on interior design refreshing. I was looking for a larger boat when I found the Y25. It has a more open feeling than many larger boats due its 9ft beam. At 6'4" you'll be sitting or enjoying the forward queen berth!
I did a series of lengthy emails to friends regarding the whole journey. Anyone wishing to follow the whole process can contact me at