New mainsail question

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Jun 1, 2004
Hunter 26 Lake Pueblo Colorado
We have a h26 and the time has come for a new mainsail. Because we have a Bimini we have to raise the end of our boom, about 8", which results in a smaller mainsail. This past winter I saw the new h27 with a "fat head" mainsail. What do you think about this? The good and the bad. Do you think this would place to much power up top resulting in to much heel? Has anyone else replaced there mainsail with one of these? Suggestions? Thanks Chris
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Jun 2, 2004
Hunter 37-cutter, '79 41 23' 30"N 82 33' 20"W--------Huron, OH
Would a loft be able to make you one? Probably pretty expensive too. And what about your current main, any good? I have a similar situation where I changed the bimini to resolve. I adjusted the frame so that the leading edge is lower. Any possiblity that you could do something like that?
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