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New guy with second boat

Jun 25, 2021
Oday Daysailer Phoenix
Just bought a 1974 oday daysailer 17' with trailer and free motor. $400.
It's the second sailboat I've owned.
Anyway, just wanted to say if you need to replace the SHEAVES on your boat you can find lots of these at home depot, Lowes or ace hardware. Tried to get info from sailboat supplies and keep getting the run around so ended going to home depot and buying some metal pulleys with the same size sheves that worked perfect. No hassle.
Try it sometime.
Mar 2, 2019
Oday 25 Milwaukee
I agree that finding what you need or are willing to spend on proper marine hardware can get both frustrating and expensive .
Depending on it's use ,I'll pony up for Harken ,Schaefer . Other times ,like using a gin pole for mast raising ,I'm off to the farm supply store
Jun 16, 2021
O'Day DS II Onalaska TX
I think that the top sheaves are vulnerable over time. A bit of grease will go a long ways. So will UV rays on old nylon sheave wheels. Often a boat may be stored outside, and the top of the mast is not usually covered, while the hull many times is. My '74 DS Main sheaves will need to be replaced too.