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new boats most like old Chrysler daysailers?

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Hi folks. I had a Chrysler Pirateer when I was in college. I thought it was a great boat. I wasn't into racing, just taking a few friends out on the lake for some fun. Now, 20 years later, I'm wanting to get back into sailing. I want a daysailer that is a bit bigger than the Pirateer (13') that is a real family boat. I'd probably buy a used Chyrsler Buccaneer (18') if I could find one 'cause I had so much good luck with my first boat (easy to sail, easy to rig, comfortable). What newer boats fit these criteria? I've taken a look at the Hunter 170 and this looks quite like what I'm interested in but I wonder what else would be available? I live in Houston and want to sail in either Clear Lake or Galveston Bay. Any suggestions? Thanks. -Pete copeland4039@hotmail.com



Why not a Buccaneer, if thats what you want. Check out Buccaneer18.org. New boats may still be available from Cardinal Yachts, 7519 Ware Neck Road, Gloucester, VA 23061. It was a great boat, had one and and Chrysler 26.

Chris Haake


We enjoyed a Capri 14.2 (1988) for day sailing. It was very stable and you didn't have to get wet unless you wanted to. It weighed about 500 pounds and was easy to handle and rig. The Capris have a spacious cockpit with comfortable seating. We used it for lake sailing, but there is a Capri 16 and 22 for bigger water.

Dave M

Capri 18

In between the never seen 16, and the ubiquitous 22, Capri 18 is a Daysailer with enough cabin for two freindly people to overnight. Weighs about 1500, 2.5' draft.

Steve O.

another Buc man

My first boat was a Buccaneer, it was a great little daysailor (but not a dry sailor!) Flying Scots are similar, or the 19' Lightning is a little more stable than the Buccaneer.

David Walters

Other options

Pete, Some other boats of very similar design (open cockpit, weighted centerboard, minimal cuddy): Johnson Weekender 18 Precision 185 Compac picnic cat Vanguard Nomad (new and cool boat!) Capri 18 Catalina 165 American 18 Lightning Thistle Not all are new but all fit the bill. FYI, take a trip to the upper midwest. The Buccaneer abounds here!


add a reef point

A good friend has a Buccaneer 18 and I could never get close to him in light airs, it has a huge mainsail. When the wind pipes up alot of time is spent hiking out and spilling the mainsail because he has no reefpoint in it. If you want a boat for family and friends, esp. nonsailors, get whatever, but add one reefpoint to the main for those breezy days. My Wayfarer had one and I used it lots.

Ken Cobb

O'Day Daysailer

I am surprised that no one's list of good daysailers included the O'Day Daysailer 17 (also produced by some other companies using the same mold). I have experience with both that boat and the Buccaneer, and think that the Daysailer is much better as a family boat. The Buccaneer is a faster boat, but at the same time it is easier to capsize if you are caught in higher winds or with too much sail up. You can't tolerate that with family on board, with kids, coolers, etc. The Daysailer also has a roomy cuddy, which the Buccaneer doesn't have, for storage of those coolers, plus oars, cushions, etc. Here is a web site devoted to O'Day Daysailers: http://boonedocks.net/daysailer/

Frank Ladd

I like the Hunter 170

The Capri 16.5 is pretty close but you dont get the easy to maintain hull made from advance composite plasit and you dont get the open stern. Once you sail an open sterned boat in too big waves and have them wash right out the back you'll never trust those little drains in a closed stern again.


Big Day Sailer "Flying Scot"

Look around, there should be several flying scot's in the bay. This is a very popular day sailer in this area. Check FlyingScot.com and the official Flying Scot sailing association site for used boats. Very confortable, very stable. (I have stood on the rail grabbed the stays and leaned all the way back, noting much happened, and I go over 200#) Large following and you can find scheduled races both local and national. The Flying Scot is a one design that is also fairly fast. 10 - 15+ knots in a good wind. Enough said! Welcome back to sailing!

Ron Barrow

Find a good Bucc

We still have our '83 Buccaneer that we bought new. We sail it on long weekends - really fun with a spinnaker. When the Bucc is in the water, the 33.5 becomes more of a condo. The Flying Scott is a nice boat, too. RB
Apr 19, 1999
Pearson Wanderer Titusville, Florida
Another vote for Flying Scot

I've always felt that the Scot was the best daysailer, period. Stable, forgiving, roomy, easy to sail, easy to trailer, very shallow draft with the board up (can be beached and launched anywhere), good performance potential yet quite affordable. The Flying Scot Sailing Association has a website (see link blow) with ads for used boats nationwide. Check it out. Peter H23 "Raven"
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