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New Boat, need steel lines and manual

May 18, 2015
AMF Puffer Sag Harbor/Wantagh
Hi Everyone,
I just bought a slightly used AMK Puffer this winter. I noticed that all three of the steel cables which hold the mast to the boat are frayed and need replacement... I went to a couple of Marine supply stores (Freeport, NY and Island Park, NY) Unfortunately neither one could help me out. One had steel line for sale , but they did not have the same 'ends' for crimping on to the end. The salesman told me that those are custom made and that he can order them from NC or something... Can anyone shed some light:
-First, is there a proper name for these parts/cables - excuse my boat illiteracy ;)
-Second, best way or place to go to get these replaced ?
PS any online boat manuals for reference ?
Thank You


Jun 1, 2004
Catalina 27 Mission Bay, San Diego
google "sailboat nomenclature" Every basic sailing book will have this type of information within the first few pages.... Don't even go sailing in your new boat until you've read some kind of instructional...

Aug 2, 2005
Pearson 33-2 & Typhoon 18 Penn Yan, NY (Seneca Lake SP)
Welcome digitalpuffer,
I did a search for AMF Puffer sailboat and found quite a few places for information. I remember thinking I would like a boat like that back when I started sailing on local lakes in PA. You might also use a gauge (simple, plastic model from the hardware store) to check the dimensions of the standing rigging you have. Of course measure the diameter at a spot on the twisted cable that seems smooth. Warning: Do not slide your hand along those cables or you will find out why the broken strands are called "meat hooks"!
Check sailboatdata.com for more specs on your boat. That page also has a link to a yahoo group that advertises 745 (?) members who should have the info you need. Take a sailing course that includes on the water experience.
Best Wishes for sailing adventures.
Jan 15, 2012
Ericson 28/2 Port Kent
If you want to DIY it go to the Rigging Only website. You will find what you need there. Mechanical terminations. Easy to do.


Sep 11, 2015
Merit 22- Oregon lakes
I purchased new Puffer standing rigging last year from Salty Dog marine online. they had them already made up.
Side cables are called Shroud lines. front cable is the Forestay.
Great little sailboat BTW. I really enjoyed mine.

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