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New Anchors?

Jun 19, 2010
2003 Bavaria 44 Chesapeake Bay
I have a 2003 B44. The anchor on it - a CQR i think - has been too unreliable for us in the chesapeake.

After much research, i grabbed a manson supreme but the fitting to the boat is going to be a painful headache (possibly a custom anchor roller, fabricate new anchor locker cover, need to reposition the bow light, etc.).

Has anyone replaced their anchor? Recommendations?

Oct 1, 2008
Bavaria 36 Cruiser Nanaimo, BC
I own a 2005 Bavaria 36 and upgraded to a Rocna 20kg anchor. It fit on the standard anchor roller just fine and I didn't need to change anything concerning the windlass or anchor locker.
I agree with Stu, get a new generation anchor like the Rocna, Manson Supreme, etc. My anchor sets hard and so far has never dragged (and I hope it stays that way). My only complaint is that it often brings up "half the ocean floor" with it when we are leaving necessitating some cleaning.:D
Good luck,
Jun 19, 2010
2003 Bavaria 44 Chesapeake Bay
thanks for the thoughts. probably going to order a Spade, since my biggest fit problem with the manson is the roll bar (it catches the bow pulpit and also gets in the way of other stuff).

Ill just sell the manson on craigslist.