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new anchor?

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Paul Gruenhagen

My Danforth is driving me crazy. t gets hung up in the rode, and doesn't set well. I'm considering a plow-style anchor, but can't decide between a Bruce and a delta. The Delta looks good onpaper, but I'd like to hear more from people who have used one.

Bly Berken

Practical Sailor

Paul - If is helps, I have a Dec. 1999 issue of Practial Sailor which has an article on anchor performance in mud. It rates 17 different anchors on setting and holding. If it is of interest to you, send me an email with your mailing address at bly@c-2.com and I'll make a copy for you. They have done tests in the past on other types of bottoms, but unfortunately, I don't have any of those issues. Most of my own anchoring experience is with a Danforth so I can't give you any personal experience with a Bruce or Delta. They are included in the study. Bly

Andrew Hansom

Big Bruce

I just tried out my new Bruce anchor for the first time last weekend and it seemed to hold up to 40 knots wind But drug at 45 knots, It probably would have held except I moved the anchor rode off center to a mooring cleat beacause it was chafing on the bow roller. Im still happy with the preformance and not sure the danforth would have held either. "You always get an education when a gale shows up at the islands" Enjoy your new website we have been using the Hunter site for a long time. Andy Hansom Vanishing Point

bill snodgrass

45 knots??

man, you gotta pick better anchorages! I love my bruce but I'd expect it to drag in that much wind. in nomral conditions, I like the way it sets so easy. haven't used a delta so don't know about that but in normal bottoms you can't beat a bruce.


got a Delta

Like it a lot. Much less problematic than a Danforth, but of course it takes up more room and is somewhat heavier. It seems to set very quickly and is more tolerant of a short scope. If I only had one anchor (and I don't, neither should you) it would be a Delta.

Phil Herring

Dethroned Admin
Mar 25, 1997
Hunter 450 Bainbridge Island
Me too

I used a Bruce for years and thought it was the best anchor ever, especially for the heavy mud up here in the NW. but I must admit I like the delta even better. Set almost as well and drags less. I'm with you, though: in anything less than a storm you can keep your Danforth. I've seen too many people think they had a good set, only to have the boat drift around to the other side and pull out.
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