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need PHRF rating on competitor

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J.B. Hrab

I recently took third overall in a 24 hrs marathon race on Lake Champlain behind two large boats. A 40 Gin Fizz had a rating of 95, therefore I placed 2nd, however a Benneteau Selection 38 ''1080'' with a 7/8 rig submitted a rating of 145, I endeds 2nd with 5 minutes difference. Am not convinced that it is the proper rating for that boat. The race is a club event therefore we normally accept the submission of the participants. Can anyone assist me in obtaining information on this rating, I do not question the honesty of the owner, I am just not convinced of the rating. Many thanks,

Bob Knott

Sounds OK

I raced a beneteau 411 in th race around Cape Cod last year and we had a PHRF of 139, We thought it was a great rating to get, as it is a fast boat. We thought we'd get a 120 or so, but submitted the paperwork and got a great rating. So a 38 footer should be in the 140's if you followed the 411's generous rating. Sorry, I'm a Hunter 380 owner and my boat gets was to low a rating that it can't sail too, very frustrating! Go figure. Bob

Michael O'Hara

PHRF = 102 to 114

I checked two websites for the PHRF of the 38' Beneteau, and found the following (if you can figure out the abreviations): 38 = 114 38TM = 102 (TM = Tall Mast???) 38TMDK = 111 (what does "DK" stand for?) 38s5 = 102 and also 117 38SR = 102 So, even if none of these are the correct designations for the B38 you sailed against, you can bet dollars to donuts that his correct rating is FAR below the 145 he gave. Eat em' up! Michael O'

Buddy Kellum

PHRF Vision 32-1989 model stock

I am wondering about other ratings on the Vision 32, (PHRF). I sail primarily in North Florida, off-shore and ICW. The North Florida Cruising Club has my PHRF @ 186, the race committee says the PHRF should be 168. Any comments please??

Mary Wanda-er

Gale Warning's Rating

Buddy, After today your rating should be 968! Congratulations on a well sailed race. Charlie



http://www.phrfne.org/ http://www.phrf-nb.org/ http://www3.sympatico.ca/phrf-lo/


1998 USSA PHRF book

I am looking at the 1998 USSA PHRF book for all regions. Cannot find a Gin Fiz, must be a one off design. The Beneteau 38 in spinnaker rating show 90 for Lake Mich to 108 NewEngland & No Calif, 102 -123 Shoal draft, short mast 105-123, tall mast 96-111. The highest rating I can find for any B 38 is Benetau 38s5 123 out of Detroit. Suggest next season you look at the clubs/race protest rules and how and what they accept as a rating and by/from who. Better luck next year PJ
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