Need Info RE: Chainplate Failures

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Jim H SR

Has anyone out there had any problems with a Catalina 27 tall rig having structural failure, or possible failure due to fiberglas failure of the area around the chainplates (where the stays' turnbuckle(s) attach to the deck)? As I understand it, the construction regimen here is like a sandwich, with basla-type wood used for molding sandwiched between two layers of fiberglas. The chainplates are visible from the cabin area. I am just curious about the integrity of these important stress points, especially in a 1979 boat. How can one check for moisture/rot without digging into to fiberglas? Lemme know if anyone out there has some knowledge or experience in this area. Thanx

Rob R.

Git Rot

Jim, I have heard of people losing shrouds, and I know that the chainplate on a 79 should be updated, but I don't know anyone who has suffered a failure of the type you mention. That's not to say it doesn't happen. Many people I know remove the shouds and chainplates to check them each few years. Upon doing so, you can use a penetrating epoxy commonly called Git Rot that will pentrate any voids or rotted wood aroud the hull holes, strengthening the entire area. The PO of my boat did this on the bulkhead itself. I thought it was dangerous, but my surveyor said that it had been done well and proper, and was actually a bit stronger than it had been originally. Anyway, hope this helps. I would check out the chainplate upgrade kit, along with U-bolts and spreader kit. These are must haves and are on my upgrade kit. I believe they are available through catalina direct, but LaDonna Bubak will know exactly how to get them. Best Regards, Rob

Clare Herrick

Go to the Catalina 27 Web Site

There is a lot of information on this kind of thing, (see tech articles and also owners web sites). <>
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