Nav System Replacement

May 14, 2021
Catalina 309 Sarasota Yacht Club
I'd like to replace my Raymarine C90W MFD but keep the wind and other instruments as well as the transducer. It seems getting a Raymarine would minimize coordination problems. Most of the Raymarine MFDs are touchscreen and I worry about that in a marine environment. I'd appreciate ant experiences or thoughts on touchscreens or possible alternatives from other mabufacturers.
Apr 8, 2011
Hunter 36 Deale, MD
I have a 12" touchscreen at the helm that is 8 years old. No issues in any weather. It is covered by a bimini, but it definitely gets wet. If things get hairy you're likely not be diving into menus anyway, you'll be busy doing other things.
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