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Mystery clevis pin

Dec 22, 2012
Islander 30 Bahama Keyport
I have an Islander 30 Bahama that I purchased a couple of years ago. Recently I started to wonder about the purpose of a clevis pin that is located at the clew end of the boom. I posted a picture with some colored arrows. The blue arrow points to the clevis pin in question. My original thought that it was there to attach the topping lift (like I had in a previous Islander 28) but in the case of this boat, the topping lift it attached to a line (green arrow) that goes forward and ends at a cam cleat so that I can adjust the topping lift height from there. The outhaul wire (red arrow) comes around a sheave in the center of the boom (it's just below my mystery clevis pin) and attaches to the mainsail clew.
Any thoughts on the what the pin is intended for?


Jan 22, 2008
Beneteau 323 Annapolis MD
The pin looks like the topping lift position, as they are usually on center. Maybe a later mod changed to what you have now? Does your main reefing have two positions, and one was where your TL is now?
Aug 22, 2017
Hunter 26.5 West Palm Beach
The thing you now use for your topping lift was probably originally intended to be part of a reefing system, but also can act as a conveniently adjustable place to put your topping lift. The blue arrow probably indicates the original topping lift connection point.

That's my guess
Dec 22, 2012
Islander 30 Bahama Keyport
Good points. I installed a single line reef (red striped line on the port side), so didn't think about the fact that a two-line reef would use the sheave used by the topping lift. Thanks. I believe the mystery is solved!