My H28.5 Mods

Nov 6, 2019
Hunter 28.5 Lake ray Hubbard
Hello, Guys my name is Ricardo, i own Hunter 28.5 from the 86, this boat have no name and i planing in keep her like this, the purpose of this it is to show my hunter 28.5 modification and the goal it is to come with a faster and quicker boat. sorry about English this is not my first language, please feel free to correct me if you feel the need expect videos, photos and reviews of after maker parts and original parts .


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May 27, 2004
Hunter 30_74-83 Ponce Inlet FL
Ricardo welcome to the SBO website. Your English works well enough.
And, We look forward to your reports and your progress.
Many of us have modified our older boats and may be able to answer most of your questions.
I have one question:
Is your boat "leaning" to port dramatically?
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Nov 6, 2019
Hunter 28.5 Lake ray Hubbard
Hi Ggrizzard, the boat it is leaning to port because I’m pulling the boat using the the main halyard, this give me a least 10 degree of heeling good enough to clean the flotation line and some part of the bottom hull using a power washer machine, the rest of the hull needs to be done under water


Nov 6, 2019
Hunter 28.5 Lake ray Hubbard
Actual interior repairs and updates.
1.- Electrical panel rebuild. adding and updating the rockets, keeping all the original wiring, including vhf, fuel electrical tank sender & gauge conversion, new bilge rocket, Master switch ??? maybe too much.
2.- cosmetics modification and black acrylic application for electrical panel accs. (Formal sliding door from storage spaces ( ( this hunter 28.5 it is complete empty inside all the storage spaces and extra cabinets are gone pictures coming soon))).
3.- 3 decade old plastic trim aesthetic treatment using marine white vinyl and glue
4. New acrylic for port lights.

.......... some boat porn at the very end, pictures taken by myself, you guys can have it, some more coming soon....