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Motor mount questions 37.5 yanmar 3hm35

Sep 23, 2021
Hunter Legend 37.5 Ft Myers, FLorida
Does anyone know if the front and rear motor mounts are the same on a 3 HM 35 F. I am trying to order them to take back to my boat. I know what the front look like, but not the rear? Anyone know? How about the part number? They are the unusual upside down looking u bracket mounted on the rubber block. it's on a 1986 legend 37.5. Thanks


Jan 6, 2006
Beneteau 423 Mt. Sinai, NY
I am pretty sure they are different. My last boat had the engine; a 1986 as well. I called my dealer and he ordered them........ Try your Yanmar dealer or Mac Boring and they will clarify.

Good Luck