Memorial weekend sail with the family

Dec 13, 2015
Catalina Capri 22 1139 Mamaroneck, NY
UNCUT: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.....

Got a little bit exciting while getting out the harbor.....

Sorry, language is German-English garble....



Aug 18, 2015
Catalina 22 Panama City, FL
Spoiler alert. Just watch from minutes 7 to 8. Balance of video should have hit the edit room floor.
Oct 22, 2014
CAL 35 Cruiser moored EVERETT WA
What are those red and green cans floating out in the middle of the water? Looks like somebody just left them there.
Jun 6, 2006
currently boatless wishing Harrington Harbor North, MD
Yea, don't you just hate it when the USCG leaves those things in the middle of the channel?
Dec 13, 2015
Catalina Capri 22 1139 Mamaroneck, NY
Well boat is still floating and no water intrusion.... Was going very slow. Impact looks worse than in the video.

We have a very narrow channel in Mamaroneck harbor with 2 branches going to different basins.

Today went without a hitch....

No time to edit videos....
Apr 22, 2016
Catalina 22 Folsom Lake
Lucky you were sitting down when that happened. Glad to hear all went well. Nice to see a captain in action. Thank you for sharing.