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Match made in heaven?

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Sailing is fraught with sentimentality, superstition and emotion, and we frequent this board because our boats are more than just a passing fancy. How did you meet your “other woman”? Did you spot an ad that caught your attention, did you get “introduced” by a broker, or did pure chance lead you to your sailboat? How much research went into your purchasing decision – was it love at first sight or was it your decision more practical than that? (Discussion topic and quiz by Trevor MacLachlan)

Rick D

Jun 14, 2008
Hunter Legend 40.5 Long Beach, Shoreline Marina, CA
Interesting Topic....

...I have had our Hunter Legend 40.5 for seven or eight years now. I had a Hunter Vision 32 before that, purchasing it in 1990. We loved our Vision 32, but my wife said we should think about our daughter getting married & having kids, and the V-berth in the Vision was tough for our aged parents, so maybe something larger would be in order. One day we were on a Hunter rendezvous in Catalina Island. My wife is latin and we met a Cuban couple there who had the last 40.5 built we were told. My wife went aboard this well-decorated and equipped boat and fell in love with it. Some time later, we were on a YC cruise to Newport Beach. Our guest slip was next to a 40.5. The couple was preparing the boat for a cruise. I told the guy that my wife really loved his boat. He replied that was too bad since he had already traded it in on a 46 Hunter and they were off to San Diego to take delivery and leave the 40.5 with the dealer (H&S). A month later, my wife and I were in San Diego at a conference. During one of the more boring sessions (it was an insurance conference) I skipped out and drove over to H&S to kick tires. I found the 40.5 there for sale and took my wife there the next day. We picked the same broker who had been calling me for years for a sale. Figured if he worked that dilligently, he deserved the commission. The stars were aligned and the boat was ours. However, we had to sell our Vision. I wasn't in a rush since we were recommissioning the 40.5 and getting some new goodies on her. I advertised the Vision 32 locally and dropped by some of the brokerages to offer a brokers commission on a non-exclusive. Interesting, I had a lot of action that week, most of it from the Catalina broker! Then I remembered Sailboatowners.com, on the Hunter site. I placed an ad, got a contact in two days, and sold the boat directly. Of course, we now have a bigger boat and more expense and upkeep. However, we have a second private cabin with its own head. We use it to store the cushions. Our parents have never spent the night on the boat (and won't at their age) and our daughter has no kids nor husband. So, our justification of the 'need' for a larger boat didn't pan out, but we truely love this boat too and it is nice since it's our second home. That's my story and I'm sticking to it... Rick D.


Jan 2, 2007
- - channel islands
Dropped the 14yo old to a birthday party...

...had some time to kill. Saw the H36 and that night debated the pros/cons in the spa. My wife and I had been looking at boats for the 27 years we have been together. First you are poor and can't afford. Then you have a little more money, but priorities change. Then you have more money...but you are wise and know a boat is a waste of money. At times we went the cheap way and joined a sailing club. So what happened that night in the spa? No, it wasn't good sex.;) ;D My wife and I knew sooner or later we would buy a boat. We in a few years our son would go away to college. *cry That night we decided on sooner to keep our 14yo closer to us...best investment we have ever made. When on the way back from San Diego 2 years ago our son who has been to the Galapagos, Central America, Russia, and 20 other countries tells us that sailing back with mom and dad was one of the best vacations he has ever had...priceless. Our love at first sight was not the boat itself...but what it offered us as a family. abe :)
Feb 6, 2007
Hunter 450 CC Liberty Landing, Jersey City NJ
A Unique Dating Tool!

TJ and I met this time last year, he knew I was passionate about sailing and boats, he had always been a power boater and was in the Marine industry prior to meeting me. Several dates later he mentioned wanting to purchase a sailboat big enough to live aboard. That's all it took! By July we were driving to Annapolis to begin the hunt, we first fell in love with a beautiful Beneteau (2002)but when the financing was too much, worked our way backward to what could be afforded. Later in August we were back to Maryland and purchased our 37' Hunter Cutter. So here we were....newly entrenched in a relationship and motoring an aged 1985 sailboat back to New Jersey. You can imagine the stories that will be forever told years from now. This winter was spent ripping her to shreads and now putting her back. That is true love, as the holes get bigger and bigger in our pockets so does the pride as she's restored backed to beauty! Bellieve it or not, even after all that TJ and I are still together and destined for longevity. A match made in heaven! Our boat and us!
Dec 3, 2003
Hunter Legend 37 Portsmouth, RI
Boat Show

We saw her son at a boat show and fell in love. As we kept an eye out for him to be for sale, we found her up on the hard at a boat yard. She was two years older, but we liked her and bought her (1988 Legend 37). Now we've has this relationship for 13 years this season and she has taken us to places we would have never been to. Now my son is in the market for a reasonably priced 30-footer.
Sep 21, 2006
-Hunter 35.5 Washington, NC
Had always wanted one

Sailed as a kid with an uncle who had a 19' Lightning, unfortunately he passed away when I was 13 and the boat was gone. Spent my most of my life looking at sailboats in marinas and out sailing and wishing I could have one but with kids, job and other obligations never got the "dream boat". Woke up on January 1 a couple of years ago and decided that if I was ever gonna do it I'd better get one while I could still enjoy it. Was certain the wife would say I'd lost my mind when I told her but her only response was "well you've always wanted one". Started researching and talking to sailors and started looking at boats in the 22-28ft. range, on a whim looked at a 35.5 Legend and made the mistake of taking the wife aboard, she promptly fell in love with the interior. Long story short, the first Legend didn't survey well so we walked away from it devastated (I do know how Seadance felt to fall in love with a boat and then have to walk away). Good news is we found another 3 years newer that did survey well and so now we have our "dream".
Jun 3, 2004
Hunter 30_88-94 Massena, N.Y.
Comming of a dream

Boat no. 1 at age 12, was an old Sailfish, from there I built a "Sea Flee" and then went to a Sunfish, after, I bought a 22" O'Day then to a 27" Hunter with minimum "extras" which we lost to a marina fire and then we got our Nauti Dreams, a Hunter 30 with allot of the goodies. The goodies list was made up through years of sailing without, I'm not sailing in an area where things like GPS is necessary, we sail the St. Lawrence River, so I wanted equipment that made handling the boat easier. Nauti Dreams is our last boat. Ron & Anne


Mar 26, 2007
Paceship Yachts PY23 Cove Marina, NAB, Norfolk VA
Instant Love

Two summers ago we went sailing with some friends. It had been 30 years since I had sailed and at the time it was a rather unpleasant experience (WAY too long and way too rough an initial sail for me then). Two summers ago, when our friend hoisted his sails and killed the engine it was an epiphany for me. I instantly fell in love with sailing. We spent the next 6 months learing, walking through marinas and dreaming. Two days past Christmas 2005 we purchased our new old boat. Soon thereafter one of life's little twists of fate happened and we were forced to do more dockside dreaming than sailing. We have loved just maintaining her and (VERY) infrequently sailing. Beginning next week our untimely "twist of fate" will be gone and we will be getting to know our "new" boat in earnest.

capn Bill

The "other woman"

I had just completed a total make-over on my beloved 1978 O'day 25. A new furler (Hood) and 150% Genoa (Doyle.) A new main (also Doyle,)and - unplanned - a complete engine re-build on my venerable OMC Zypher saildrive. Aside from being somewhat depressed at all that money spent on a 25-foot boat, I was also feeling good that I was "all set" to enjoy my mistress for many years to come. Then - wouldn't you know it - my dock neighbor put HIS 1984 O'day 30 up for sale! I had had my eye on it for some time - but it was really just a dream to own such a "big" boat. But - my dock neighbor (and friend) made it worth it and we negotiated a deal that would never have been possible had it been through a broker. With my '25 (being in pristine condition) I was able to sell it quickly and the proceeds were able to get my "new" '30 fitted out properly. It has been an absolute joy to me ever since (6 years now!) Bill on STARGAZER

David Delich

More Room

We had a Beneteau 311, trading up from a First 29 with no A/C, pressure water, or other amenities. My wife wanted more creature comforts,... and so did I. Got the 311 and sailed her for 2 years. Then we found the boat we really wanted, Beneteau 331. (She did not even want to look at it on the yard), but relented and that is how we got First Light... HER BOAT!!!!!! This will probabaly be our last boat,.............. unless she says to get another one. D&B First Light
Dec 6, 2006
Lancer 29 Kemah Texas
Buddy could'nt keep his pants on...

..and got caught.His wife,now soon to be ex,took everything he had save for his 2 sailboats.When he moved his GirlFriend aboard one of them she decided to take those as well.He listed the boat I bought from him on eBay but it did not sell (was a quick 3 day listing and priced high) and I saw it and called him.He indicated it had not sold and if I wanted it he'd cut me a deal..just wanted to move it before "The Witch" got it.After a look at the boat..it was a done-deal.Some things are just meant to be. Morale of the story..if your married and have a boat you love..keeep your pants on.>>> David
Feb 6, 2006
Hunter 23 Bay Shore, LI, NY
Practical matters...

In order to introduce my better half and my daughter to sailing, we agreed to buy a small, inexpensive sailboat for them to learn on. After several months looking and one false alarm, we got our 1987 Hunter 23 in MD in November of '05. The winter was spent restoring faded and chalky gelcoat and well weathered teak, making new cabin soles, and a myriad of other neglected areas that needed doing, including replacing the aft bulkhead. Finally ready for April last year, looking great, and now in a slip 10 minutes from home. Great to day sail and over night or over-weekend on, but we could use some more room, sooo... The deal was, if SHE likes it enough, we'll move up to a bigger hole in the water...I'm gonna hold her to it. Anyone have an Allied or a Triton they could pay me take away? ;D


Just Chance

I had started out with a little Snark and overloaded it a couple of times with the wife and kid(I'm not a little guy, either)but kept sailing it when I had the chance and bought an O'day knock-off after about 5 years. This served as the family boat for about 10 years and after much restoration. I was passing by the boatyard that often did work on my 17-footer that I couldnt do and saw two boats in the yard that caught my eye. One was a 23-footer and the other was a 21. The 23 appeared to have all I needed but seemed a bit large for the lake I usually sail (and we often tow to other states to sail)on so I focused on the 21. While I decided to buy the V21, I wasn't excited about it. The PO had neglected it far more than my previous boat had been(It looked new when I sold it)After much sweat of making the boat what I thought it should be, I'm happy with it NOW but it wasn't 'love at first sight' by any means. We'll Keep her until we retire and move to Florida where we'll want a slightly larger boat for longer excursions....


Sep 21, 2005
other 12 wet water
The minute I boarded her

and stood at the helm, I felt right at home. And she sailed just fine. Good enough for me anyways. It had all the amendities the Admiral wanted and enough room for me. I could alter anything I didn't like, and add what I wanted. She's been a lot of enjoyment from her teak, to her electrical systems, to the refer. No complaints here, because, I enjoy every day, no matter what it brings. I'm just thankful for another day and I look forward to what lies ahead. It's not the destination, it's the ride. Keep it up, Ctskip


Aug 8, 2005
Macgregor 25 East Gull Lake

Forgot to enter the site to put in the new picture with my Avatar also
Aug 6, 2006
Catalina 27 Everett. WA
Easy engine access first priority

I wasn't really serious about buying a boat-- My wife Carolyn and I just enjoyed walking the docks, window shopping. I was doing some asking around and heard that the engine in a Catalina 27 was really hard to get at and work on. One of the first priorities I had on my list if I ever bought a boat was to get one with easy access to things that might need repair. I saw this Catalina 27 and the owner was there and I asked him if the Atomic 4 was hard to get at. I don't remember if he really answered me or not. He mentioned that it was for sale and I became mesmerized by the dodger,self tailing winches, roller furling, autohelm and other upgrades, and the price he mentioned. To make a long story short, we've had the boat for a year now and Carolyn and I love it, and have been on some good trips here in Puget Sound, and I have exhausted the entire lexicon of cuss words contorting myself into a pretzel to do troubleshooting and maintenance on the engine. Rick Hunter
Feb 26, 2004
Catalina 34 224 Maple Bay, BC, Canada
I found a boat that had the easiest access

to the dip stick. If you can't get to that, how much easier will it be to access and to fix the rest of the stuff?
May 5, 2006
Knutson K-35 Yawl Bellingham
Hmm, loved the idea of sailing for years,

since 1983, but never sailed. A coworker had the V-21 sitting in his yard for three years turning green and offered it to me for a grand. I bought it and after some cleanup and figuring out how to rig it, took it out for my "First Sail". Regardless of how truly bad that was, I was hooked. Have since crewed on big boats in races and sailed my little boat in all kinds of weather. Should've done this 25 years ago when I first got the bug. Now I'm busy making up for lost time and eyeballing a bigger boat.
Mar 3, 2007
Catalina 36 Lexington Mi
The sailing life for me

I started out as a power boater or should I say my first boat was a powerboat. I owned it for six years and only used it that many times. I loved being on the water but the roar of the engine and the feel of driving a car didn't do much for me. I eventually gave the boat to my younger brother where it has been getting used much more frequently. I had always wanted to try sailing but when I was a young teen the seemed way out of reach and I didn't know anyone that had a sailboat. Fast forward 25 years....I came home from a deployment overseas with a slightly different outlook on life. While driving back on base I noticed a sailboat in our used car lot. Fate, destiny, who knows but I was only able to drive by it a few times and I had to stop in and check on it. Two days later I was the owner of a 1985 Mac 25. The previous owner didn't have the time to show my how things worked so I was in my drive that night learning how to put the mast up, where all the rigging goes and how the sails fit into the scheme of things. I had also picked up a “How To Sail” book on the way home. The next night it was off to a local lake with a friend of mine who had no idea the adventure he was in for. (it is important to have friends like that in ones life). That night we sailed for 3 hours or learned to sail for 3 hours. The next night my wife went with me and the following day I was out there on my own. I was hooked that summer I logged over 250 hours and over half of that was solo. That boat and I became a part of each other. I have done a lot of things in my life but there is nothing that can be as peaceful and calming, frustrating, thrilling and challenging as sailing. For us sailing has changed our life and what a great life it is!
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