mast bend

Dec 21, 2016
FKTR .. searched the forum but don't see too much on this topic.

I haven't had the boat very long and still struggling a bit to find the right combination of rake/pre-bend/shroud tension and more particularly, how much to bend the mast to depower in strong winds.

What I have read is basically: rake 4"-12" ; pre-bend 1.5"; outer shroud tension anywhere from 30-40 (on Loos); inner shrouds 20-30. And for mast bending .. bend until you see wrinkles from the clew to the luff, and set that as maximum.

My rake right now is about 4". There is no turnbuckle so if I want to lengthen the forestay I would need to add a link.
I have found that with the outer shrouds set at about 35, the leeward shrouds are more loose than I am comfortable with.
With all the pressure I can put on the adjustable back stay, the mast does bend a bit but I cannot get wrinkles in the main.

Would appreciate any advice from those who have been doing this longer than me.