Marlow Hunter Rendezvous Summary

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Dec 20, 2009
Hunter 466 Bremerton
Our voyage from Bremerton to Port Ludlow was uneventful until we came abeam Foulweather Bluff. The seas were quite lumpy and the apparent wind ticked up to 21kts. The bow was plunging and rising but the unfurled jib (no winds until then) had us at 5.5 to 6kts until we were within two miles of Port Ludlow. Making only 2kts we furled the jib. Of course once we entered Port Ludlow Marina proper the NE winds at 12-15 kts made docking a challenge.

Marine Service Center in the singular person of Gary Baillergon provided heavy snacks (can't spell orderves correctly) Friday night. Saturday morning the attendees listened to an excellent presentation by Bob Dickey of First Mate Marine ( and Zee Humenuk of Yachtzworks ( They discussed the importance of preventive maintenance on the 10 years all hoses and belts should be changed out along with the exhaust riser. Plumbing, electrical, and rigging were briefly addressed. After all, how much can be covered in one hour. They impressed me as honest, knowledgeable, and hard working small business owners. Bob works out of Port Hadlock and Zee works out of Chimacum so that was particularly good news for those living on the Olympic Penninsula.

The race became a one boat sail on Brian and Mary Scott's new H40 with a gaggle of rendezvous attendees. The winds reputedly hit almost 4kts.

The dinghyGPS treasure hunt was a hoot. Gary regaled the crowd with how he tromped through mud at low tide to place a treasure on a rock and placed another on the end of an almost derelict sailboat anchored out, among others.

Dinner Saturday evening was delicious with side dishes and desserts provided by the attendees and the burgers and dogs provided by Marine Service Center. Larry Tughan proved to be a great grill master. Larry, thanks.

Marine Service Center distributed goodie bags to all that included magazines, stationery, Hunter t-shirts and Marlow Hunter hats. Prizes were awarded after dinner with the assistance of Hannah Murray drawing raffle tickets from the hat.

Gary, thanks so much for a wonderful weekend. Your one man band act was greatly appreciated.

HAPS Attendees included
Brian and Mary Scott of "Too Cool Runnings"
Larry Tughan of "Beverly Jane" Larry, nice job single handing and we hope Sue recovers soon
Dave and Susie Garland of "Footloose"
Willy Eriksen, Jeff, and Dick, H35.5. New Member. Glad you made it. Look forward to seeing you again.
Mike and Nancy Mariano of "Dolce II"
Dennis and Nancy Treat, H36. Former member that just rejoined. Welcome back from the dark side
Brian and Kim Dahl of "Off Course". Arrived by car Saturday morning and spent the day and evening Saturday
Gary and Laurie Coykendall of "Laetare" stopped in by motorcycle to say hello.
John and Carol Dorsey of "Irish Rover". Great folks and prospective members.

Gary told me that Jared of "Friday", H31 and Mike and Gail of "Defiant" H430 requested membership applications.

Our next rendezvous is at the Bremerton Marina August 16-18, 2013.
Poulsbo September 6-8, 2013
Foss Waterway October 18-20, 2013


Mike and Ruth
HAPS Fleet Co-Captains 2013
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