Mariner Main Sheet Rigging Photos

Aug 21, 2006
O'Day Mariner Webster
Does anybody have any photos of the main sheet for a Mariner, particularly the end of boom block, mid boom block and transom blocks? from what I have been able to find out on my own is that the transom has a somewhat "Sunfish" type of attachment. Another I have seen has same, but a make shift traveler out of two lines that cleat stbd and port, with a fiddle block on the aft of the centerboard trunk, up to 2 single blocks on the boom. I'm not sure what this rig was originally equipped with. If anybody can help I would greatly appreciate it. Please email me at hneeser at charter dot net. Thanks in advance for your help.
Apr 23, 2013
Oday 19 backyard
am I correct in thinking that the Mariner is a 19' ?

if so I can send you a pic or two or post here of how the rear gets set up.


Jun 5, 2014
ODay Mariner Guntersville
Are you a member of the Mariner Class Association? If not, you should be. There was a recent thread were this very question was discussed. There are several ways that Mariner owners rig their sheets. Several photos of such rigging can be found on the Association website. They might be in the members-only section. $15 annual dues.
Jun 2, 2004
Oday Day Sailer Wareham, MA
Basically, all the smaller O'DAYs were rigged more or less the same as the MARINER at that time, Starting in 1974 the Mariner, Day Sailer and Javelin switched to a mid-boom mainsheet. However, prior to that the mainsheet was rigged something like the below DS II drawings.


May 18, 2021
O'Day Javelin Barnegat Bay, LBI
Hello all, found this old thread, wondering whether someone might reply - I'm looking for the right hardware to switch my 1968 Javelin to mid-boom sheeting - I've tried a traveler, I've tried the crosby rig - I am trying to cut down on interference with the outboard (I need to have one).

May 18, 2021
O'Day Javelin Barnegat Bay, LBI
thanks Sunbird - that's what I've currently got, as per the late 60s rigging instructions for the Javelin, but I"m finding (esp. when on beam or broad reach, the outboard interferes with the lines) so I'm trying to switch to mid-boom, which O'Day introduced for the Javelin in the 70s. The block on the boom and the centerboard housing are different than what I've got so I'm trying to figure out what I need to buy. I'll keep digging around. Fair winds this weekend, all.