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Mac 26x Steering Cable in aft bed

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Apr 22, 2009
Macgregor 26X Bayfield
When I bought my used 26X I noticed that the steering and gear cables came through a hole in the ceiling of the rear bed and dropped down into the bed area. Is this normal? I have tried to figure out a way to suspend them from the ceiling but there is a lot of pressure on them and they would be difficult to mount. As they are right now they hang down into the bed area and take up half of the space. Only room for one to sleep. Has anyone found a fix for this..? or were the cables not installed properly from the start?
Dec 28, 2007
Macgregor 26X Surfside Beach, SC
I purchased my 26X used also. The cables were suspended from the ceiling over the bed. Eye straps were attached to the ceiling and 1/4" nylon cord was used to attach the cables to the eye straps. Gentle curves were used for the cables path so as not to kink or bind the cables. :)


Be careful!

These 26x's have a common steering cable problem. The original installation bent the cable too tightly, resulting in hard steering. I, like other owners, have helped the problem by undoing the eye straps and letting the cables hang. The cable manual says that curves have to be at least 12" radius. If this concerned me, I would let the cable hang down where it comes out of the pedestal and then gently route it back along the ceiling. The other cables are not sensitive to the curves. This would result in only a minor intrusion into the stern cabin area in a place where mobility is rather limited anyway.

Do you sail in Vallecito or Navajo Res?
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