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Looking for Tanzer Advice

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I'm looking for information on a good sail boat 19-26 footer. I've owned a 18 foot Hobie Cat and have enjoyed it very much. I'm in the process of purchasing a boat that i can enjoy with my 4 year old son and my wife. Any suggestions as to what type and lenght would best fit would be greatly appreeciated. I'm mainly looking for a boat that i can travel with to sail in multiple fresh water lakes. Iwould not rule out some salt water excursions. I'm looking at a 22' Tanzer witha 5'6" head room in the gally. Any suggestions?

Ray Bowles

Dan, Not knowing your price range is a limit, but

understanding your desire to have a trailerable boat for multiple areas could put you into the 5k to 10k area for a weekender on fresh water, or into the 10k to 20k area for limited salt water use. We sail a 95 H26 on fresh water and regulary sail for 10 to 14 day periods. We do have a marine head with 20 gal holding tank and it is good for about 12 days max. With a "porta-potty" it would be 3 days max. The H26 is a lot of boat for $14 to $20k and will bridge your salt water desire. It will also last a small family for many years of extended days of sailing. Our H26 sits on a Hunter dual axle trailer and I tow it with a Ford 1/2 ton 4X4 without any problems at highway speeds. She is very easy to rig and launch and it takes about an hour to raise the mast, rig, load and launch. On the other hand smaller trailerable sailboats such as the Tanzer are great day sailers and even acceptable weekend campers. I don't think I would sail in the ocean beyond the outer islands. The ICW would probably work out. We have a Tanzer in the next marina that we regulary meet out in our river sailing area and have had some very spirited contests with. I think his is about 23 to 24 feet long. The score is 4 to 2 in favor of the H26. The first time I see him this summer we have decided to have an old fashioned boarding drill, force him to surrender and invite him and family to a BBQ. Then I'll bribe his kids to tell me how he gets that boat to go so fast. The main point is to just pick whatever boat you can afford and is right for your family AND THEN BUY IT AND SAIL!!! Ray and Maria S/V Speedy

S Bullins


I owned a Tanzer 26 in the early 80's. Tanzers are very well built...glass thickness in hull is superior. Cpt Tom Landers, Virginia School of Sailing, Richmond and Deltaville, Va uses two Tanzer 22's for ASA training on the Chesapeake. I think the url is sail-school.com. Call and ask him! By the way, if you are interested in advanced ASA training, he is quite good!


Tanzer 22

Dan, I used to sail on a friend's Tanzer 22 and that boat was fast! As a previous post stated they are generally very well built.



There are Tanzer Associations. Great boat built in Canada. I think some parts are still being produced. Very strong construction.
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