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Looking for Irwin 37' CC owners in Los Angeles area

Sep 7, 2017
S2 S2 9.2 C Medford, Oregon
Hello all,
Thank you for what we've learned here by your threads.
We're ready for our next boat after cruising the San Juan and Canadian islands for a month this summer in our C26'), and after reviewing and seeing LOTS, We've decided on an Irwin 37' or 38' Center Cockpit. Priorities (in order), Aft cabin with BIG berth (we'll be living aboard, more than "serious cruising), Center Cockpit and relatively shoal draft. (Intended cruising is coastal, ICW, Florida keys, Bahamas and possibly into the Caribbean.) Tresa and I both have a long history of sailing before we met... and after too!

After driving 450 miles one way to see one of our "candidates", we sorely learned the difference between our "perception" of a "dream boat" based on listing photographs and seeing/experiencing a boat in person. It was not an Irwin.

We're planning a trip to the Los Angeles area (Long Beach to Ventura... Old home port sailing grounds), to visit with old sailing buddies and hoping to find an owner of an Irwin 37' Center Cockpit "probably" 1980 or newer and Mk II to MK V... Not really certain as many listings have their specs wrong, don't show photos of the aft cabin, so we're left, not knowing for sure what range (Year? MK #?), of these boats we're looking for. The Irwin 37 had many modifications during production, but the aft berth we're looking for runs from Port to Starboard. (I've attached a photo of what we're looking for (The listing "claimed" that it was a 1980, but didn't include MK#.) A sailing buddy of mine is a broker and looking for us as well as our sailing friends.

We have 2 Irwin 38' CC lined up to tour and an older 37' CC that has a split berth layout (not the one we want).

If there's anyone in the southern California area that has one (or knows of someone), that owns these boats that is willing to let Tresa and I take a tour (photograph, video; measure, etc.) we'd be SO grateful!

PS: We've posted this request on several other sites including the Facebook Irwin owners site. Also, we're not looking for opinions on "alternative" choices unless they meet our personal needs... From the listings and photos we've seen, we've really become "attached" to the idea of this boat fro what we intend to do with it.

Also: We are aware that finding one of these boats will be much easier on the east coast. We're not ready to buy yet, just doing due diligence and researching before we're ready to pull the trigger. We're planning this trip south (from Oregon), no matter what... More of an escape from the snow and a chance to visit with old sailing buddies. Tresa works for the school district and retires in 2yrs & 4 months... Yes, we're counting the days! LOL!

Richard & Tresa

Many thanks in advance!