Looking for a boat club nearby


Nov 28, 2010
O day 25 Nyack. New York
I recently moved to Owings Mills Md. and am looking for a boat club between Annapolis and Baltimore, or even 20 miles north of Baltimore on the Chesapeake. The requirements are 1. Being able to work on my boat on the premises 2. Club needs have at least some sailboat owners (versus all power boaters) 3. Be affordable, meaning not more than $3000 or so, per year for a 20' boat. Including winter storage. I've previously owned 9 boats, so buying a boat is the easy part.
Does anyone have any suggestions?
Feb 21, 2013
Hunter 46 Point Richmond, CA
I assume you have thought about doing an internet search on marinas and yacht clubs within the area on the Chesapeake Bay you desire to be in then call and visit them.