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Looking for 460 owners

Aug 25, 2019
Hunter None Yet North Texas Landlocked
Hey all,

New to this forum... usually sail other people's boats, but I have a lead on a H460 that has a clear title, but has been on the hard a long time... definitely a project boat, but I can possibly get it at the right price. Since I'm in Landlocked, there's not much call to sail something this big around here so while I'm here, I like the idea of having a project to work on.

Structurally on first look, the boat looks good, No major hull issues, no major water damage. Mast is not mounted but is intact and straight. Sails are there, but they are pretty rough. I'd guess that most of the 'systems' would need to be redone or at least worked through, but again, if these are $140K boats on the market, the cost I can get this one for would make this a worthwhile and fun project. I'd definitely get a good survey done before pulling the trigger to make sure there's nothing else major hiding and to be sure that my math matches that of someone who does this on a regular basis.

That said, there really isn't all that much online about the 460's. Anyone want to chime in and say hi so that I can ask you some questions about the model?

Feb 21, 2013
Hunter 46 Point Richmond, CA
Welcome to the forum!!

I recently purchased a 2005 Hunter 46. It was in the water but not sailed for a while. Fortunately, all the mechanical and electronic systems worked and nearly all the electrical systems worked. Gave her good cleaning, new bottom paint. propeller and zincs. Completed the surveyor's list of recommendations, in particular replace the new engine fire suppression bottle. Changed the engine oil and filters, topped off the fuel tank and added diesel enzyme fuel treatment to mitigate algae and flushed the water and holding tanks. Replaced the undersized stock anchor, tired dock lines, anchor rode, running rigging, lifelines, canvas, settee cushion foam, head mirrors, galley faucet and sun-bleached instrumentation covers and outdated vhf radio and installed seadek in the cockpit. We sail her and stay over on the boat 1+ days per week.
Feb 21, 2013
Hunter 46 Point Richmond, CA
Curious if you made a decision to purchase the Hunter 460 and what the survey found.