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Looking at a 72 C22, What to look for?

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Jordan Epstein

I am concidering the purchase of a small sail boat. I was looking at San Juan 21s, but someone suggested a C22. I am now looking at these. I have found a 1972 model that seems well outfited. Is there any particular issues I need to look at as far as wear, or problem spots on this vintage boat? Any suggestions to a buyer on what to look for are appreciated.


Wear Spots . . .

Assuming the hull and deck are in good shape, you should examine the swing keel. If the boat is on the trailer, this can be a tight squeeze. The Keel & Pivot Pin/Bushing can wear out causing excess movement (laterally) of the keel. Also check the rudder and the gudgeons. This vintage can exhibit stress on the gudgeons that effects rudder operation. Later models had stronger ones. Check the chain plates for any signs of loosening or pulling through the deck. It would be good to see the boat set-up, so you can see the rig. Walk on the deck and notice any soft areas or surface cracks. The decks sometimes delaminate (but can be easily fixed, if not too severe). That's about all I can tell you, have fun! Regards, Ted

Joe R.

San Juan

My previous boat was a San Juan 21 and I loved it. It was a 71 or 72 model & I sold in in 78 and remained boatless until 98. I used to dream about it several times a year. I always had a great time with it and it never let me down. There were times I tried to get it to tip over in high wind but it always refused by rounding up. A stable and forgiving boat for beginers or semi-experienced. You should be able to buy one if you can find one relatively cheap. I think San Juan went out of business years ago. Good luck Joe PS the Hunter 240 is faster than the 22

joe kleid

looking at a 72

if you are looking at a boat of this size and age you are also hoping to spend little money. here in the NE such a boat would probably go for 2-3k. If you were to look at catalina direct- a dealer of exceptional quality (in Calif) 1-800-959-7245, you can see the many upgrades that the 22 went through, (as upgradable kits), my suggestion is to spend 4-6k and get an 88 or up in which all if not most of the earlier problems have been addressed. A boat as old as you are seeking will cost you money in the long run- blocks, rigging etc. although good for catalina are of course cheaper than the quality- read longer life, fittings than is on a catalina. If this is a first boat and the inside is dry, and it sails and lasts 2 years, give it away or trade up and you'll have gotten your $ worth. best of luck joe
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