Legend 37.5 - Rudder Bearings?

May 16, 2018
Catalina 27 Muskegon MI
I'm looking for where to source rudder bearings for a Legend 37.5? I need to drop the rudder this fall and want to replace them while it's down.
Feb 14, 2014
Hunter 430 Waveland, MS
Call these people...

Ask for Bob or Dave Walker...

PS: Link is NewRudders.com
Feb 14, 2014
Hunter 430 Waveland, MS
I had to replace my entire rudder.

Bearings have Two parts, at 2 points of bearing.
1) Boat side [ UHMW ]
2) Rudder side [316 Stainless sleeve]

There are no inserts for #1, if they show wear.

The Stainless sleeve can be redone and glued to the rudder.
Hopefully the boat side bearings show little wear.
They are OEM glued to the Water Tight Hull, and are in Bearing Tube that combines them.

Not much to replace, sorry.
See my post #107, page 6 for drawings and pictures...

Repairing boat after Hurricane Zeta