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Leak in hose at hot water tank

Jun 11, 2014
Bavaria 37 Sarnia
Last season the hot water supply line in our 2006 Bavaria 37 developed a pin hole sized leak in the pipe about 2" from where it exits the T-fitting at the top of the hot water tank. Two pipes from the T-fitting supply hot water to the galley and to the WC. The pipe was removed from the pressure fitting (Whale) and a few inches cut off which stopped the leak when the pipe was re-attached to the tank. This season, a new leak has developed apparently within the pressure fitting at the same pipe.
It may be that the pipe (Whale pipe) is being degraded by excessive temperatures as the leaks occur right near the tank. The tank is made by Quick and I think that there is no thermostadt to regulate water temperature when the engine is running and water is heated by the heat exchanger. I'm wondering if the water can get hot enough to degrade the pipe?
I'm wondering if it is worthwhile to replace this 15mm red pipe with something else and, if so, which product to use.
Feb 26, 2004
Catalina 34 224 Maple Bay, BC, Canada

Since you seem to have a recurring leak at pretty much the same place, you have two options: 1) replace that pipe with a new one if you think the heat is getting to it; or 2) use a different material, which would be reinforced hose suitable for drinking water and the pressures your system produces.. We have hose laving our heater which lasted for 27 years, I just replaced it all, hot & cold.
Mar 11, 2013
S2 9.2 Port Washington, WI
Hi, I am having a similar problem - leaking hot water line and fittings. The old line was "Parflex" PP 3/8" O.D. and plastic connection fittings. I replaced with a "no name" brand similar size line but it seems to soften when the hot water gets near and the fittings start to leak. Is there a "benchmark" or a company which sells this type of hose/fittings? One of the leaking fittings has copper on one end and plastic on the joining opposite end. So, it seems to me that I need someone who knows what they are doing! I've tried home depot etc and their fittings don't seem to fit tight nor hold up when the hose gets hot from the hot water heater. Help!