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larger trailer sailor

Oct 18, 2019
Johnson 18 Weekender 4 corners marina
The Precision 21 and 23 are very nice near shore cruisers boats. They don’t have a compression post under the mast, so they feel very roomy inside. Precisions have a reputation for being well built and Jim Taylor is a very good naval architect, but still, I recommend you put down a deposit to hold it a week while you get a survey done. If it’s more than 25 yrs old, your insurance company will probably require a survey. Get a buyers survey, which will look at all important safety systems, not just an opinion of value for the insurance company.

Again, I can’t emphasize strongly enough that condition is the most important factor!
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Sep 11, 2015
Merit 22- Oregon lakes
Not sure if you're even interested in the Precision 23, but it was also listed on E-bay for 9.3K OBO so if it did't sell, there could be some negotiating leverage available.
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May 4, 2018
Catalina 25 SV Colorado
OP John - I recommend you check out the Catalina's, either the 22 or 25 footers. There are so many of them around you can always find a great one for a deal and parts are easy to get at Catalina Direct.

I found a good condition 1986 Catalina 25 with a great condition galvanized double axle trailer with near new tires for $6,200. The previous owner had added many upgrades.

My friend went sailing with us and ended up buying a Catalina 25 for himself for even less.

Whatever boat you choose, I think its more important you pick a boat in the best condition you can afford vs. the brand. Boats need a lot of work just to keep them going, no need to pile on a bunch of projects before you even get into the water.

My Catalina was in good enough condition that we sailed her as much as possible the first summer, I did not work on her, I only kept a logbook of work needed (except getting the engine 100% perfect). Its so enjoyable to just sail, meet the other sailors in your area and build your sailing skills vs. always tinkering and fixing things.

Good luck and have fun searching for a new boat!
Sep 24, 2018
O'Day 25 Chicago
Staying under 26' will reduce your costs. Even a 25' is lower cost due to marina's charging more for that extra foot
Jun 3, 2004
Oday 26 Lake Keowee,SC
so, started out with an 18.5 ft but looking to upgrade to no smaller than a 24 but open to 28 ft. I looking for adjustable keel so I dont have to use a raised trailer. wanting something I can use in local lakes and take to gulf as well. What are best brands to go with and brands to stay away from?
thanks for the help.
I have an ODAY 26 inboard with a trailer. it's a great boat that sails easy ,30" draft, with some great mods. I'll thinking of selling. look up boat info I think you will like it. more info KDSSAIL@HOTMAIL.COM
Oct 18, 2019
Johnson 18 Weekender 4 corners marina
so, for the update on my situation. We ended up going a little larger and not easily trailerable ..... but wife wanted bigger, lol. We have purchased a Cal 27 and hope to have on a lake in the area by the first of March.
Mar 25, 2013
Hunter 26 Ceasar Creek
Hunter 26 / 260
water ballast makes it only about 4k to tow
add 2k for sailing
Great sailing ⛵