Lancer 25 and the Newbie

Feb 21, 2016
Languedoc 36 Portland
Newbie Looking at the L25 and having trouble finding non-confusing information. Some sources lump all L25's together without distinguishing between variants. And I have learned (here mostly) that the variations are not trivial. Would appreciate help sorting things out.
Starting stern-first (as usual)...
  • Some sterns seem to be heart-shaped and others square. Am I right in concluding that the square sterns go only with the PowerSailer AND that the PS is the only model with the 'swim step'.
  • One thing I like about the L25 is the outboard power. But... it appears that the o/b was attached in different ways in different variants. Some models mounted the o/b on a 'swim step' , some notched it into the transom/lazarette and some even appear to have used an external mount. Are there other ways the o/b is hung on - and which variants go with which method?
  • Did the Mk 5's have leaking rotting and crazing problems without the compression post?
  • Were all variants laminated or were they chopped glass?
  • Did they use concrete, lead or iron/steel ballast? If iron/steel - have they leaked and developed rust and delamination problems?
  • Finally - at last - regarding how the super was joined to the hull: I read that it was a bit wimpy. Any comments?
Mar 30, 2016
Lancer L25 Nashville Shores Marina
Hi TT,
I am new to the forum, but have been around Lancers a while. I can't answer all your questions, but maybe I can help with a few. I believe you are correct that the Powersailer(PS) have the square end. They have a much higher engine size rating. As far as the L25, I believe they come standard with the motor in the lazarette, but many have them closed off and re-glassed (which is what I have done twice now). If you plan on any coastal sailing, you might consider that if not done already. I have never experienced, or seen any leaking or rotting problems on either L25 I have owned, but I will say that I am pretty "Type A" about my equipment. I have seen some very high end boats that are in quite bad condition and it isn't because of the boat, so consider your source. On the first L25 I had the bulkheads and stanchions reinforced, but that was for piece of mind. The ballast in both of my L25 is lead bead...I would prefer a solid ballast, but it is what it is. I have heard of weak spots in the keel on some boats, but I have never experienced it myself. Both of my boats already had a compression post in place and I have not had any leaking problems. I have heard the same about the deck to hull fitting. I have never experience any issues, but have heard the same. You can have that glassed if it is something of concern.