Kudos to Peggy Hall - Installed Raritan Fresh Head no worries about contamination now

Apr 6, 2013
Catalina 310 Annapolis
My new to me 2002 Catalina 310 had an odor issue. I replaced all the waste hoses and installed a larger diameter tank vent and also started using Noflex digester as recommended in Peggy Hall's book that I'd purchased after an odor issue in a previous sailboat I owned (turned out to be smelly bilge water). These changes solved the immediate odor issue in my 310. The previous owner had installed a DIY freshwater flush system using just a gate valve that routed fresh water to the previous raw water intake side of the Jabsco manual toilet. In a previous thread, I outlined this system and Peggy made me aware there was a definite potential for contamination of my freshwater supply via bacteria in the bowl that a gate valve wouldn't stop. I also found the PO had not installed a check valve.

Peggy had mentioned there was only one manual marine toilet designed for safe fresh water flush and that is the Raritan Fresh Head. So, I recently ordered it on Amazon and installed it. I already had the fresh water connection to the head sink cold water line the previous owner had put in. Prior to connecting the toilet, I disinfected the fresh water in my fresh water tank with a carefully measured bleach solution and ran it through all the lines to kill any bacteria lurking there. I then connected the toilet and installed an emergency shut off valve in the line upstream from the toilet. This is redundant in a way as the Raritan Fresh Head has its own valve that controls the fresh water flow.

As Peggy mentioned, the Fresh Head has a siphon break which prevents any back flow of waste. This also was explained to me by the Raritan rep I met at the recent Annapolis sailboat show.

The Fresh Head is reasonably priced and, best of all, it has the same screw hole pattern as the Jabsco that came with the boat. It was a pretty simple matter to attach the Fresh Head and I I was even able to use the same lag screws as the Jabsco used. To top it off, a friend was happy to take the perfectly clean and functioning Jabsco I pulled from the boat for his boat.

All in all, a pretty easy fix that anyone even slightly handy could do.