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Keel cable replacement

Mar 28, 2021
Sirius 21 Pointe-Claire
Hi everyone. I'm looking to replace my keel cable for the first time.

Question 1) the cable still looks fine but hasn't been replaced in a long time. Should I just replace it?

2) Is there a turning ball or similar inside somehow, or does the cable just go straight down?

3) My keel does trundle from side to side a bit at anchor or with cross waves when not heeled, with a not too ominous thud. Should I be worried about the pivot bolt and spacers? How much movement is normal?

4) if the pivot bolt needs replacing, any tips? It seems like a big job and I'm not sure how I'd position the spacers. I'm at a marina with a crane so lifting the boat is feasible, lowering or raising the keel separately would seem to be a challenge.

Thanks in advance.