Justice NSR

May 11, 2005
Seidelman S37 Slidell, La.
Sometimes the system actually works. Some of you may remember me posting that a good friend of mine got shot, for absolutely no reason by her landlord approx. 18 months ago. After all the evidence was revealed, he plead guilty. This morning a judge sentenced him to 30 years, with no hope of probation or parole. Minimum he can serve is 25 years. Guy is 59 years old, so hopefully he will die in prison.


Mar 26, 2009
1976 formosa 41 yankee clipper santa barbara. ca.(not there)
wow!! that is goood !!! i am glad that it went well for her and she doesnt have to worry about that anymore--whew!!!!!!
Apr 25, 2005
Macgregor Venture 25 My Backyard
Hopefully, someone in prison will off him, and save all of us some tax money. Either that or he will startfeeling like crap and off himself like the Craigslist killer did in Boston last week.

Glad to hear that the justice system is not totally broken.