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Just bought a Neptune 24 and got some questions.

Jul 21, 2021
Capital yatchs Neptune 24 Carlyle lake
So i just bought my first sailboat and it is a Neptune 24 in really good shape or it looks that way and i got it for a good price. The previous owner was super nice and knowledgeable about the boat and was very open with it and let me know about all the minor probles that i would need to either repair or replace. The interior of the boat is in good condition and the exterior has some paint fade and a few dings and scrapes but looks great. The previous owner was very confident that if i replaced or patched the jib (a mouse got at it in storage) it would sail beautifully tomorrow. I brought it back home and my dad, who has owned motor boats his whole life but never a sailboat, seems to think that a boat that has been out of the water and sitting on a trailer in garage storage for 5+ years may have some stress cracks in the hull and is skeptical of its seaworthiness. Is there a way i can test if it has hull leaks without putting it on the water just to watch it sink if he is right? Also, what are some good websites i can look at for replacing sails and other sailing equipment? I'm exited to get into this new hobby but i want to play it safe.


Jun 1, 2004
Catalina 27 Mission Bay, San Diego
Either put it in the water and see if water comes in, or put water in the boat and see if water comes out.;) My choice would be to put it in the water and keep an eye on the bilge. If there's a drain plug, make sure it's inserted when you launch. Check to see if there's a bilge pump on the boat.... electric or manual...

Regarding you dad's concerns.... uh... no comment.