Jabsco Sensor Max 14

Mar 16, 2021
hunter 41 DS tacoma
2008 H41DS here, about to replace the pump under the galley. (Don’t ask me why. I’m an old man who built lots of houses & learned all there is to know about why I do stuff.)

I don’t see Sensor Max 14 anywhere on the world wide internets. The PAR Max has the fittings aimed the wrong way. I have no idea what species of pex Hunter used so I’d rather just get a pump that fits than learn how to add fittings.

Anybody know of one?


Dec 1, 2020
Hunter 44 DS Deale, MD
Hi, I have a 2007 44DS, which had the same fresh water pump. I just recently replaced it with a Flojet 4405 (which I think I saw recommended on of the the forums here). Was a plug & play replacement.

The fresh water hoses are 15mm. If you go to defender.com and search for Whale Systems, you'll find all of the connectors and even tubing you might need for future projects. I added a shut-off valve before my hot water heater to make drainging & winterizing easier for example.

Hope that helps.
Jun 15, 2012
Hunter 50 AC St. Petersburg
I used a Seaflow pump as a replacement. Comes with a 4 year warranty, compare that to Jabsco. Have had good luck with Seaflow products.
Mar 16, 2021
hunter 41 DS tacoma
Well I should’ve checked back on here before doing it. I saw that Jabsco recommended that Flojet but then I saw a Whale that looked about right & was half the price. It took 3 hours (probably bc I’m too big to work under there). I had to shim out of that corner with a backing chamfer plate. Barely got the pex to reach but it works! Looks terrible but no leaks & I will repair my Jabsco for backup.