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Irwin 28 Systems

Dec 11, 2015
Hunter 25 Plymouth
Dear Fellow Irwin Owners:

I’m new to Irwin’s, just bought a 1972 28 but don't have a manual. Is anyone familiar with this model? I have an opening in the deck/bow of the boat for either fresh water or waste water. Need to know what it’s for and if fresh water, I need to know where the “black water inlet/outlet is. Any help, a tour etc. is greatly appreciated.

Feb 21, 2013
Hunter 46 Point Richmond, CA
Congratulations on your new sailboat!!

Suggest try to get a manual through Irwin Yachts - Irwin Sailboats Parts & Manuals OR Irwin Yachts - Irwin Sailboat Parts & Manuals Irwin Sailboats | Facebook AND do a search on this site for "Irwin 28" to see threads on this sailboat.

Please post a photo of the deck/bow opening and cabin bow tank. Is the tank opening cap labled? Trace the opening to/from the cabin bow area under the bunk to find the tank then trace the lines in and out. Do you have other deck fittings? If so, see if they are labled and post photos. This might be an opportunity to take photos of all your deck and hull above waterline thru hulls, below waterline thru hull valves, start tracing each line and documenting each size and function.
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