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Interior teak mildew clean-up?

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Kimball Dhillon

It's been such a wet summer, we found our interior completely covered in mildew. Does anyone have any clean-up suggestions before re-oiling the teak interior? We are a little leery of using a bleach solution, but think we need to 'kill' the mildew first. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Kimball

yves feder

Greetings, Given our wet summer, I've found that just re-oiling causes the mildew to re-appear in about 10 days. I dilute clorox with water and it doesn't damage the teak. Keeps mildew at bay. There are a couple of good commercial solutions too: Jomax Mold & Mildew Remover: Kills mildew fast. Use for outdoor cleaning or pre-paint mildew removal. A patented concentrate containing a mildewcide, a bleach activator, and cleaning detergents. Jomax kills and removes mold and mildew on most exterior surfaces such as siding and trim of all types including vinyl, stained or painted decks and fences, stucco, brick and painted or cement block. Will not harm plants and paint! Makes five gallons of cleaner per quart of Jomax.. TSP-PF: Phosphate Free All purpose Heavy Duty Cleaner: Formulated for heavy duty cleaning. Removes grease, dirt and mildew from surfaces in preparation for painting. You can dilute these with water. I've used TSP in the past, it works. Good luck, Yves
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