Indoor vs outdoor storage


Oct 11, 2013
Last year I stored our Capri indoors for $300 for the season. This year it's jumped to $400. I have some options for storing outdoors for $100-200. I generally thought storing indoors would be less prone to issues but wanted to see what you guys thought with regard to pricing. I'm having a hard time swallowing the new price.

Follow up, if I do go outdoors, what are some key things to look out for? I'm assuming a good tarp and some desiccants in the cabin but other than that I'm not sure. The Capri doesn't have plumbing.



Jul 3, 2013
I store mine next to the garage. Last year I paid $200 for an 18mil truck tarp - but it is heavy! Which also keeps it from flapping noisily - but getting it up there! This year I have to find a technique. The tarp should last 6 to 10 years. I'll try to attach a photo of it. I keep it long on the east side to keep the UV's off the hull.

A boat yard that has non-boater traffic, folks who don't love boats, would make me nervous.
May 23, 2007
Catalina Capri 22 Albany, Oregon
Mine is at the RV lockup at the other end of our mobile home park. Not heated and the tarp is not quite big enough to enclose the stern. I'd like to run a light or dehumidifier all winter but there's no power. I only pay $20/month though, so can't complain. If I could get into indoor storage for the same money I'd go for it, though. :D


Nov 21, 2012
Catalina Capri 22
Storing outside; Just keep in mind that if you are in an area that get snow ... snow can be very heavy when wet. I have made a cage using PVC pipes . I take the lifelines off and the cage mounts over the stanchions.

Keep the boat away from any trees. I had a friend lose his boat when a tree toppled across it. :-(

When it gets cold and miserable just think about AviatorJames sailing in the Pacific with a deck ornament, or two, or three or ...

Another friend , when he went into his Catalina 22 in the early spring, found himself face to face with a raccoon which took up residence :) Moth balls might prevent this ....

Turn the interior cushions on edge.

Sep 30, 2011
These are quite expensive but amazing coverage.

My indoor storage is 350 a year. I even get to keep the trailer in there when the boat is in the slip. For me it seemed a bargain. In the winter boats outside, even under tarps, stay damp. The moisture can sit in any spider cracks and expand. Long term the wear and tear can add up. I know guys who have had to have deck work done and that is much more expensive than 350.
I love my boat and want it to grow old with me.


Oct 11, 2013
That is a seriously impressive rig @cradabau.

Thanks all for the helpful responses! After a bit of back and forth I think I'm just going to bite the bullet and store her indoors. It's got a 6HP that I'll take off, winterize, and store in my basement. I picked up an outboard dolly last winter (which works great) though embarrassingly after storing the motor on the wrong side and wreaking havoc on the carbs.

I did a bunch of reading on tarp structures and really at this point it does come down to time. If I had some land I'd really consider going the temporary shelter route, for around $600 and use it a few seasons.

I didn't have a problem last season with critters, but I'm starting to rethink the mothballing. Are there any downsides to mothballing? Should I make sure to remove all the gear from the cabin or would the vinyl be fairly safe?
Jul 2, 2013
Here's what I did last season with a couple heavy duty tarps. I supported the mast with 2x4 in several places to prevent bending the mast. It held up great through the fluffy snow, and the wet heavy type without any problems. I actually expected it to fail at the grommets during one storm, but the tarp is still good, so i'm reusing it this year. I'm not going to bother with the wood strapping at the life lines this year, I think it was overkill since snow never remained on the tarp very long. I plan on throwing some pipe insulation on the lifelines to protect the tarp. I threw a few mothballs inside and put a screen door I made in place of the hatch board. The mothballs evaporated by spring, and there wasn't any lingering smell.



Aug 10, 2012
WD Schock Wavelength 24 Wallenpaupack
We really lucked out with our new place... this was our "bonus" pole barn.

Here was the scene last October... The boat is a bit redder than this now...

Here was the boat in early spring JUST before launch in April... I moved the boat outside with my ATV (dumb I know), but it was easier to back into this spot that way.

I have the garage all cleaned up and ready to put her back in her winter home as well, as it stands now:

It really pays to have a wife who understands your crazy hobbies (and has one of her own as well).

Here we are this past weekend up at Flaherty Field Trial grounds in East Windsor, CT the colors are just past peak, but it was still a great couple of days riding, and running dogs.

Tell me this wasn't perfect weather... Temp 68, winds 5-7, not a cloud in the sky... pretty awesome riding weather, if not a tad bit warm for running dogs.


Oct 11, 2013
@Mattw79 Nice setup. I'd really consider something like that if our driveway was a little wider.

@shnool That is quite the "bonus". :) I'm originally from Middletown, CT so I'm familiar with the E/S Windsor, had a few friends there growing up. I do miss the wooded landscape, it's mostly flat and clearcut here in WNY. The Finger Lakes do make up for it a little bit though.
Sep 30, 2011
Regarding the Moth Balls. I have a number of RV owner/friends who swear by using dryer sheets as a mouse deterrent. The kind you use when doing laundry. They are inexpensive and provide the bonus of leaving the boat fresh smelling. I used to own a pop up camper that we stored in the goat barn at a fairgrounds during the winter. Never had any mouse issues.
Heck for $.99 it is cheap insurance. Also hear they repel wasps. I throw them in my sail bags and scatter around the interior of the boat etc.

Disclaimer. Sometimes you get what you pay for.
Jul 13, 2011
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My boat is stored outdoors for now and I use a heavy silver tarp from Harbor Freight as a cover. I made some simple legs and use a mast from a derelict Ray Greene Rascal 14 for a ridge pole. I poke the stanchions through the tarp to get a good slope that sheds rain and snow. So far, I have 3 seasons on the tarp and will use it again this year. It probably leaks some, but I've never had water in the boat. I leave the front hatch and the starboard cockpit locker open a little to keep air circulating and strip all equipment and cushions off the boat.

I put a small bag of charcoal in there and have heard of people using Bounce sheets to keep things fresh and the vermin at bay.