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inboard on a 22?

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Friend of a Catalina owner

A friend of mine recently got a great deal on a used 22. It came complete with a butt ugly outboard on a lifting bracket. During a recent brainstorming session we pondered the feasibility of installing a small diesel inboard. This would be more efficient both in motoring and battery maintaining, plus it would get the outboard off the transom! I am not especially familiar withe the inner hull of this boat, and wanted some input before I got his hopes up, or committed myself to the project. Thank you for anything you may have!


It would be quite a project . . .

. . .but I suppose with enough motivation and skill an inboard could be retro-fitted to a Cat 22. Your best bet is to locate it under the forward part of the cockpit floor, just behind the keel cable thru-hull. There is (maybe) a foot of clearance, so a small diesel might fit. You would have to gain access through the cockpit floor by making a hatch of some sort in the floor. Access from the side (port) would not be sufficient. Your next challenge would be to cut and secure a hole in the hull for the propeller shaft. This is an area where you could run into trouble down the road if it is not done just right (leaks, etc). You may want to EMail Catalina Yachts to see if they have any words of advice, as well. Good luck, Ted

Ken Cave

Paint your motor a pretty pink!!

Do you know how much space you will lose with engine, fuel tank, and all the other goodies you will have to install ???. Keep the motor if it is in good running condition-paint it a pretty color! If not, there are a lot of great looking motors in the 8 horsepower range that will look good on that bracket and easy on the pocket book also!! Ken Cave Dragon Tail #789 A Catalina 25 with a Merc 9.9 Sailpower built in l985

Stephen Ostrander

forget it

for what it would cost to retrofit--if there was room, which there ain't--you could buy a bigger boat with and IB. This project has "headache" written all over it.

LaDonna Bubak - Planet Catalina

Spend the cash on a solar panel & new outboard

If you want to maintain your batteries, just buy a solar panel, regulator & voila! Battery charging without an alternator! Another option is to get a nice 4-stroke with a small alternator (most have them). Make sure the dealer can help you with the connections, etc. DON'T INSTALL AN ENGINE!!! As the others said, no room, cost prohibitive and really would alter your performance cuz of all the weight. Just buy a pretty motor & solar panel for a fraction of the cost. LaDonna
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