Ignition switch key entry...

Mar 3, 2008
Hunter 356 Lake Stockton
The molded threaded plastic key entry part of our ignition switch has broken away. As a result, the threaded plastic collar has nothing to screw onto leaving us no alternative but to tape the switch back into place until replacement parts can be found.

Does anyone have a go-to source which you would recommend for such parts. It is a Yanmar 27 that Hunter put into most of their 356's.

(I probably should not be too upset. Without the key entry pieces and as long as the tape holds out, I can start the engine with a screw driver.)
Nov 6, 2006
Hunter 34 Mandeville Louisiana
I think your engine is a Yanmar 3GM series and has a separate starter pushbutton and no glow plugs. The Yanmar switch is only a 2 position switch (on/off) so any good two position marine switch would be OK.. like this:
I don't remember what the diameter of the original switch is but this one can be made to fit if the original is different diameter.