Hunter e33 Solé TV removal

Jul 21, 2018
Hunter E33 Annapolis
ahoy folks, long time reader, first time poster....

I need to remove the installed Solé flatscreen TV from the forward bulkhead of our 2012 e33 to replace the HDMI. Retaining screws removed, but no clearance when it moves up. Short of taking a sawzall to the overhead I cannot figure out how to get it up high enough on the mounting bracket to remove it.

Any thoughts out there? Thanks!
Jul 21, 2018
Hunter E33 Annapolis
Thanks gents, here's a shot from the front. It's flush mount with what I can see, it has a flat metal back that the TV slides down from above. There were two retaining screws connecting the TV to the wall-plate that I removed from below - sliding it up, it hits the overhead and it can't clear out of the retaining track.


Feb 3, 2015
Marlow Hunter 37 Reefpoint Marina Racine, WI
I have a similar setup on my 37. I do have more clearance, close to twice what you have. You do know the piece of wood hiding the cables can be lifted out which allows the tv to slide up and be tilted as you do so. Again, not sure you’d have the clearance with it removed. If necessary, you can remove the headliner and that should give you the clearance you need. No sawzall needed!!


Feb 11, 2017
J/Boat J/160 Annapolis
Can you get pictures from i) the sides; and ii) from bottom; and iii) from the top looking at the "slot"?
May 7, 2012
Hunter e33 Maple Bay, BC
How about removing the wall plate itself? There should be access to that from the forward cabin. Or maybe a better question would be: how is the wall mount fastened to the bulkhead?