Hunter 49/50 Mamba steering issue

Jun 15, 2012
Hunter 50 AC St. Petersburg
While motoring out of my marina, I noticed the boat failing to respond to steering wheel inputs from the port helm. Luckily I was able to steer the boat from starboard wheel. Turned out that rod connected from port wheel mechanism to rudder quadrant had come apart. In port I was able to re-connect and tighten jam nuts with blue Locktite applied. I would suggest that all Hunter 49/50 owners , and everyone else with a Lewmar Mamba steering system check the tightness of the four jam nuts.
Dec 15, 2019
Hunter 49 San Diego
Just got around to checking mine. All was fine. I did end up tightening the negative cable lugs for the power winches, though. They were about 1/4 turn from tight. Check all of the connection while you're down there. I also noticed a loose negative on the underside of the starboard winch right on the motor. This is accessed through the stbd cockpit locker. You'll need to go inverted to check it. I’m not sure if these loose connections were causing any problems, but I do remember a loose terminal causing a lot of heat to build up in the cables of a previous boat.