Hunter 27 Shore power requirements

Nov 5, 2020
Hunter 27 Bozman from a dock

New owner of a 2005 Hunter 27 re-powered sailboat. The boat, which I will pick up next month, uses shore power for the air conditioning and I assume certain other powered devices that you would not want to draw off battery. I have a dock with power going to it, but not sure what the specific electrical load requirements for shore power the Hunter 27 will require. Specifically for Hunter Owners that have a similar model, I am looking for amperage, voltage AC, and marine receptacle type I need to install on my dock, and any other related advice.

Appreciate anyone's help.


Jan 19, 2010
Hunter 26 Charleston
You need 30 amp cable.
A quick Google for a shore power cable will get the cable you need and the device on the dock is called a “marine power pedestal”.

Here is an example

Jun 8, 2004
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Cannot recall if shore power for the 27 was standard or an add on. Probably 30 amp service. However you do need to know if 30 and/or 50amp dock receptacle is on the dock and buy cables as needed since the plugs are different
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Nov 8, 2007
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The short answer has been given - a 30 amp cable that is compatible with the power plug at your marina.

But you need to work through the amp loads on your boat. If the A/C and coffee pot are on, and the Admiral fires up her hair dryer - you may blow the breaker. It's better to know ahead of time if some combination of on-board devices could overload your circuit, and take steps to avoid it.