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Hunter 26/260 mast raising system


Jun 7, 2021
Hunter 260 Ottawa
Hello folks. I purchased early hunter 260 with strange mast raising system. Gin pole looks like this. Its almost as thick as my mast. Can someone who has same system send me a picture of base of their mast so i can see what kind of recepticle this gin pole connects to? Currently mast has metal plate rivited over whatever it was before on my mast. I have a suspicion that previous owner damaged it and instead of properly fixing it he just closed it off. Thank you in advance!

mast raising.jpg
Jun 8, 2004
-na -NA Anywhere USA
You should go to the small boat section of Hunter to address this but I can help some here. First which mast and boom do you have, either US Spars, charleston Spars or the third one. Look on either boom or mast for a manufacturer emblem. Also a picture of the item on the mast you referenced here.

you have no idea who I am but please advise with photo