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Hunter 23 topping lift

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Jamie Daniels

I just launched my Hunter 23. The last thing I need to figure out is the topping lift. I have an extra line that runs through the boom. It has a shackle that could act as a topping lift if I connect it to the back stay. Is this correct? The Manual mentions attaching the topping lift when reefing. The only lines coming from the top of the mast are the two halyards.
Feb 6, 2006
Hunter 23 Bay Shore, LI, NY
It sounds as though you are on the right track.

On my 23, I used a line attached to the crane and running through the center sheave at the aft end of the boom, and running through the clutch at the forward end of the boom, so it is controlled from the mast as you put in or take out a reef.
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