Hunter 23.5 outhaul missing

Mar 11, 2019
Hunter 23 Knoxville
Hello All,
I just purchased the 1988 Hunter 23.5 and there is no outhaul or reefing line. Is there anything special about these lines, can I just get some 3/8" lines and run them through the boom and attach to the cringles? Or would you suggest ordering them from Hunter (outhaul is $20).
One of my dock mates says there is purchase inside the boom for the outhaul. How would I run the new line properly through the purchase?

Any help is greatly appreciated. Happy sailing....
Sep 25, 2018
Catalina Capri 22 Capri EXPO 14.2 1282 Stony Point
Had a 23.5. Single line outhaul w/o purchase. By the strength of your hand do you tighten the foot of that main.